Horsetail Fall, YoSemite Valley

Agave 7-02, Custom House Garden, Monterey,

 I'll be posting a changing selection of images, some that are several decades old, and some that are very recent. Traditionally I have used 4x5 and 8x10 view cameras, utilizing film to produce silver gelatin prints. I've added digital to that process over the last few years, as I find that by using new tools I open unforeseen doors, expanding my use of new technology strengthened by a long held heritage of Old School ethics. The cool thing about that is, that tomorrow I don't know which one I will pick up to use, having studied both to a level worthy of serious work, "when practiced in terms of its inherent qualities" as Ansel used to say. 


Mount Ansel Adams, Summer Clouds

 Dune and Moon, Death Valley

Upper YoSemite Fall, from Fern Ledge

Winter Surf, Point Lobos

Madrone Bark, Fremont Peak

Mount Ansel Adams, Rainbow, Lyell Fork of the Merced

YoSemite Valley, Afternoon

Winter Surf, Stormclouds, below Otter Cove




Wind and Waves, near Point Pinos

Sunset from Green River Overlook, Canyonlands N. P.

Redwoods, Old Coast Road, Monterey County

Point Sur, Sunglint

Mount Ansel Adams, Rain Shower

Sentinel Rock, Afternoon Storm

Evening Light and Waves, Pacific Grove

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Merced River, Winter, YoSemite Valley

Stormclouds from Washburn Point, YoSemite