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Gas Station, Evening, near Salinas

Since I'm using a variety of mediums, I have a variety of prices for my work. Gosh I hate to use the word "work" for something I love to do. If you have a question, please send it to me. Basically, silver gelatin prints run from $450 to $2,000. Giclees are available for either Black and White or Color, running from $150 for 8x10, to the largest I've had made, a 45x60, for about $2700. Once again, please send me a note, and let me work out the fairest price for both of us. Thank you!! Enjoy the photographs...

Mount Ansel Adams, Orion, Pre-Dawn

Thanks for sending me a note!

​​​Prices for my prints are currently (1/1/2016) as follows:
Black and White Silver Gelatin Prints...

8x10 prints, mounted and matted to 13x15......   $450.00
11x14 prints, mounted and matted to 16x20....   $600.00
16x20 prints, mounted and matted to 22x28....   $900.00
20x24 prints, mounted and matted to 30x34...  $1200.00 

Since my prints have been produced in numbered editions, the value increases as the edition reaches its peak. For instance, "Stormclouds from Washburn Point", my most regarded title, is currently in the mid 60's of its edition of 75, and its retail price is $1800.00. Other images, such as "YoSemite Valley, Morning Storm", and "Trees, Reflections, Lyell Fork of the Merced", as well as a few others, are currently priced at $1500.00. I have also matted some of these images to 24x30, which has been very attractive for certain settings. All of my work is hand-done by myself, using archival materials and Museum Quality 100% rag board. I certainly intend for your investment to bring many, many years of enjoyment. 
Please inquire regarding any special requirements you may desire regarding the mount size, or within reason, the print dimensions.


Ready to purchase? After you're sure of the requirements of your order, just

write to me at my PayPal link,                               It's just that easy!

Pastures of Heaven, near Monterey

Summit Building, Mt. Diablo, Dawn