Three Brothers, Winter Storm, YoSemite Valley 

Jeff Nixon Photography Fine Art Photographs in Black And White Or Color

The Special Edition Series

 I trust you will be interested in obtaining either or both of these silver-gelatin prints, mounted and overmatted with archival materials. The print size is 11x14, the mount dimensions are 16x20. Priced at $325 per print, I'll even ship them to you! Send a note via the contact page on this website, or contact Russell Levin, at More images will be available soon!

Thank you so much!!

Moon and Half Dome, YoSemite Valley

These are the first copies signed and titled, on their way to an early buyer...

Available for the first time in decades.......

  "Three Brothers, Winter Storm, YoSemite Valley", ​from a negative that mysteriously 'vanished' after showing it during a workshop in the late '80's, is now back in circulation, but only in very limited quantities.  From one of the few remaining prints, I had a super high quality scan made, and from that I have cleaned it up, printed it onto the finest paper stock, and present it matted and framed, to ensure the surface of this Archival Pigment print is as pristine as can be. The print is behind the highest quality Museum Acrylic, and is limited to only 35 copies. The image size is 11x14, matted to 16x20, and is available now for $750.00. This has always been my most popular image, and I expect this edition to go through its edition quickly. Please contact me for details on this wonderful offer.

Stormclouds from Washburn Point, YoSemite

  Some time ago, it became apparent that I was going to have to start 'delegating' some of my work load, for a number of reasons. In the 45 years that I have been active with my photography, I have been proud of the fact that I did "everything".... from exposing and processing the negative, to printing, mounting, and spotting the final print. Well, nothing's changed, except for the middle stages, where I now have an assistant do the printing. I have always kept copious notes on my printing methods, and anyone who knows of Ansel's techniques is aware of that. That doesn't always guarantee good results, but I work with the best, and I only sign a print that I approve of. To start with, I offer my #1 image, a personal favorite, "Stormclouds from Washburn Point, YoSemite", and another favorite, and an homage to Ansel Adams, "Moon and Half Dome, YoSemite Valley", photographed 38 years and 1 day after Ansel made his photograph. Fortunately for my assistant, they're both relatively easy to print!